Five Real Estate Truths

Some properties are great for auction, some are not. How do you work out which one is which – The most common way to work it out is if your home appeals to a broad audience, then let the competition begin. If you have a smaller piece of the pie, price it and be strategic.

Not all Agents are good – sorry to say but some agents not only have your best interests at heart but are willing to show their grit to get you every last dollar! But some however just want to cash their commission check and move on. Why not look into their past sales as see if they actually got what they were asking for each property they sold. That’s a pretty easy way to see which one you’re working with.

Some renovations won’t bring you a return – not every bathroom or kitchen upgrade will see a return. Why? Because it’s a total picture scenario. If a buyer still sees money to spend, or even worse, if they see some home handyman dodgy bits, they will more than likely not offer you the right money. Seek advice before you spend the money because you might just be better off saving it for the new home.

Using a big agency brings you more buyers – If that were true then why do they still advertise properties for sale, why not just sell them to all the database clients. Like the old story goes, bigger doesn’t always mean better. It’s more about how it’s used (sorry about the cliché). Besides, if you are on the open market – 100% of the market will find you anyway.

The best time to sell is the quiet times – people often wait for funny reasons to sell like waiting until the gardens look good…. Well your gardens look great but so might the other dozen homes you are in competition with. The best time is the quietest time when there is less others for sale meaning you have more choice of buyers are often buyers will sacrifice more to secure a home now then continually waiting for ‘new stock’ that may never show up.