Don’t Settle for Less

Over the last 5 years, the property market has gone through a boom and also more recently a bust. In the Sutherland Shire in specific – we saw approximately 45% increase in property prices on average across the board over a 4-year span. We also saw a decrease of approximately 20% during the 12 month bust in 2018.

Currently, we are in a stable market. What does that mean for the residents in Greenhills Beach? If we take an average price of a home in Greenhills prior to the boom – we understand the market value to be in the vicinity of $2,023,300. After factoring in an increase in the market and also subtracting a decrease, we should understand that the current average price of homes in Greenhills Beach should be $2,529,166.

If the rest of Sutherland Shire (as well as the rest of Sydney) are enjoying this growth – then so should you. Stop settling for a low sale price. The urgency to a sale doesn’t mean you need to sell cheap. If you want the full value out of your sale – I know how to help.

Let’s work together to protect the dignity of Greenhills Beach.