Our Story

Real estate has always been followed from one agency to the next. That’s something common in the industry – however one thing that was noticeable is that agents never ask the question ‘Why?’

Why do you do it that way, what’s the purpose, what outcome are you hoping to achieve, what goal do you have in mind. It seemed like when someone just came up with a new trend or idea, it was the herd mentality and everyone followed suit. 

In 2012, Camille Allam decided that it was time to change the status quo. “Buying real estate is an emotional experience greater than any other you will experience in your life, so in order to achieve the maximum outcomes for a client we need to appeal to buyers emotionally”. 

Creating a sale is easy. In fact, even an untrained real estate agent can sell a home and we see that happen all the time.

What sets us apart from other companies is the psychology of understanding how to get a true premium price. Our recipe of presentation, marketing, and strategy- mixed in with our secret ingredient to create a truly emotional experience with your buyer is the ONLY way to ensure you not only get a sale, but that you’ve extracted every last penny out of the market place.