Do Videos Work in Real Estate?

With the latest trends in Real Estate taking form such as video, social media, cookie re-marketing and virtual styling – we take a spotlight on how effective video is and what is the benefit of showcasing a video tour of a property, especially after already having professional photography taken.

Statistics show that properties with videos receive 403% more enquiries than those that do not. There has even been research done to prove that there is a 20% increase in home sales after the video was promoted on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. The question is – why?

It comes down to two (2) reasons;

1.            Buyers found more detailed information about properties after seeing the video tour. This includes but is not limited to – space, size, angles, features, layout and design.

2.            The property made an impression on the buyer. A picture says 1000 words, but a video can create an emotion in a buyer and we know that consumers buy on feelings, especially when it comes to property.

So what does video cost and is it a good investment? Well like anything, there is no guarantees in life but for the cost of around $500, if it can create even one extra buyer – it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

If you would like to know more, I’d be only too pleased to answer any questions.