About Us

With any dream comes a backbone to make that dream a reality. Ours is simple, yet detailed enough to ensure we deliver on those dreams with consistency and desire.


Because people love doing business with people they can trust. At no point will you ever get the double glazed version of the stretched truth, just straight down the line, black and white honesty – because the truth doesn’t need to be presented any different.


If we say we will do it, you can bet you dollar it will happen. No false statements to suck you in, just plain hard work time and time again without compromise. At the end of a sale, we are not happy unless you walk away recommending us to your friends, family and anyone else you know interested in real estate.


A great agent doesn’t need to work 24/7, but does need to be there 24/7. Try us out, send us an email, leave us a missed call, even sms us and see how quickly we get back to you. Opportunities in real estate come and go very quickly, so we do our best to make sure they are never missed.


Facts always speak louder than words. That’s why we are proud of our results and over the last 24 months we have achieved;

Auction Clearance Rate – 86%

Average Price Achieved For Tender with 10% Price Range – 80%

Average Days On Market – 24 Days

Listed to Sold Ratio – 89% Sell Rate