Ma. Cristina Corcuera-Pangilinan

Admin Support

About Ma. Cristina

A critical element to any business is the glue that keeps it running. People what assist in all areas of the business with a multitude of incorporated skills and business acumen. That’s what Cristina represents at Allam Real Estate. Having been a loyal team member since 2017, her focus ensures that the needs of every client is met. From administration to marketing as well as organization of tasks and processes. There are 4 characteristics that allow Cristina to be successful in this role and without sounding cliché, they are Enthusiasm, Dedication, Persistence and non-stop hard work. When you combine those advantages, you see only one consistent outcome – Happy Clients. Working alongside the sales team, she is involved in every property campaign. Working behind the scenes to ensure that campaigns are up and running quickly and seamlessly. Cristina also assists with our property management team to provide help and support ensuring that those processes that make our sales team a success, are replicated with our Property Management Department.