Why Go Boutique

There are obvious advantages of using a boutique agency like Allam Real Estate, like receiving a more personal by dealing only with only one person who knows you, knows your needs and requirements, and will look after you throughout the whole transaction. But in this article we explain what some of the other benefits, a smaller more boutique agency really offers…

Firstly, we don’t use a cookie cutter approach meaning that each and every client’s situation is dealt with specifically to their needs. And we only take on a handful of clients at any one time to guarantee a level of service each of our agents abide by. It’s not about turnover – it’s about results.

The market shifts rapidly so we constantly assess where we need to be to stay ahead of the game. This means that in a heartbeat we can change tacts – that could me anything from implementing new technology, new marketing, shifting the way we transact or even close a deal. We don’t need approval from a board of directors or from head office to make changes allowing our clients the ability to keep ahead of the game.

Lastly and most importantly – our staff are only ever unleashed once they have accomplished a certain level of competency in their craft. Even then, they are given the support of experience shared within the office. We don’t gamble on our clients properties. So when you deal with Allam agents, it means you can rest assured that you will be dealing with a highly trained and experienced agent. That’s our promise to our clients.

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