Who Will Defend Your Property

It’s so tempting isn’t it, to sign up the agent who says that he or she will work for low rates. Such agents also tend to offer cheap marketing arguing that at the end of the day more profit will be left in your hands. Cheaper rates or free marketing look good on the surface, but is such a person the right person to sell your important asset and defend your properties true value?

If an agent is prepared to work for low rates, will he or she be prepared to lower the price you wish to sell for as well? To sell your property- you don’t need a bargain basement hawker- you need someone who knows how to sell and knows how to stand his or her ground. One of the first questions buyers tend to ask, is “what can I get it for?” You want an agent who stands firm on price, not someone who indicates that the price is negotiable.

After years of successfully negotiating hundreds of sales setting block, street and suburb records – I can tell you two important aspects that allow me to extract better offers than anyone else.

That is, understanding that;

  1.   A buyer’s greatest fear is paying too much for a property.
  2. A buyer wants to feel they have won in negotiating.

Once you understand the psychology behind a buyers thinking, then we can work out how to diffuse their thought process and start to work on extracting a greater price for the property.

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