What Is An Acceptable Commission Rate

Just like anything in life, as human beings we always want the very best quality for the absolute lowest price. Well choosing a real estate agent is no different – but what really is a fair price to pay?

In the shire, most commission rates range from 1.8 – 2.4%. We all know that the best things in life are never the cheapest, however by the same token, they don’t necessarily need to be the most expensive either.

Negotiating a ‘fair commission rate’ is something that would be beneficial for both parties. One thing we have found is that may home sellers would be happy to reward an agent based on how well they perform – the higher the sale price the higher the commission. Why wouldn’t you incentivise an agent if they can get over and above  the quota…?

However, there is one challenge. How do we combat an agent over quoting a valuation price to you just to secure your listing? (This is a common problem).

There is no real solution to the problem however, one thing that we at Allam Real Estate will commit to, is that if we can’t get you the price that we have quoted- we won’t charge you anything at all!!  That’s how serious we are in proving that not only do we not over quote owners, but that we take a professional and proven method to valuating your property.

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