What is a Strategic Marketing Plan?

Since I was a child, I loved the game of Chess. It is well known that a professional chess player always plans for 16 moves ahead. This way he stays in front of his competitors no matter which way the next move plays out. Real estate is no different – we must be moves ahead and always have a clear strategy to ensure the best outcome for our clients. We do this via a strategic marketing plan.

Most home owners are probably not be aware and unfortunately most agents don’t get taught, how to create a strategic plan. Putting up a signboards, placing the property on the internet and possibly in local papers will get you some exposure – but will this poorly planned program really fluke you the best buyers…?

In my experience, every home is different and each home will appeal to a certain type of buyer. In most cases, we need to strategise why and how we are doing things. The strategies we use could involve;

  • Having stagnated marketing components used at different times.
  • We may reach out to a broader audience/international buyer.
  • It could be the way we pitch the price or description to get maximum interest.
  • It could even be something as simple as doing pre market viewings to generate immediate interest and feedback.

There are literally hundreds of options that we can mix and match to tailor suit the best program to you and your home. Just be aware, that not all agents do it the same.

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