Upstairs Or Downstairs

One of the biggest considerations when buying an apartment is deciding if you’ll buy upstairs or on the ground floor. It’s not just about getting views but whether there’s financial benefit to being higher up or lower down. Below we review some of the pros and cons for upstairs and downstairs.

Absence of stairs: For areas with an ageing demographic, easily accessed downstairs apartments can be desirable
No neighbours below: No need to worry about bothering underlying neighbours, especially if you have children

Privacy/security concerns: This is particularly so in inner-city areas, where a high proportion of the population are professional single female tenants and security is a top concern, and is reflected in rent prices
Upstairs neighbours: The noise produced by apartments above can be a huge concern for buyers and tenants

More security and privacy: Upstairs apartments are positioned further away from the street and generally have windows that are not accessible
More natural light: This is important in the inner-city, where there is often more overshadowing from tall buildings.

Less appeal for retirees: For areas where there are larger populations of older people, stairs are a major concern so investing in an upstairs apartment without lift access can be unappealing to buyers/tenants
Can be hot: Depending on the apartment’s aspect, upstairs and top-floor apartments can sometimes produce much heat in summer
As you can see there are many pros and cons for both ground floor and upstairs apartments and in the end, it really depends on the location and the type of buyers in the market.

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