Nothing In Life Is Free

The old cliché is that you never get something for nothing. Well, it’s usually true however at Allam Real Estate our philosophy is more about giving than taking. Our passion is to find ways to help make a difference to the people we meet and we continually ask our self – how can we enrich someone else’s life today

Well this may not change anyone’s life, but it may be really handy if you ever lose your set of keys or find you’ve left them behind somewhere. Enclosed is a small keying in which each one has been individually numbered. The purpose of the keying is that if you do happen to misplace it, then it’s likely to be waiting back at our centrally located office.

If you do wish to register your individual key number with our office, it will allow us to contact you when someone has handed them in – making life just that little bit easier for you.

This is just another initiative in how we are helping our community.

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