How to Sell Fast in a Slow Market

Some say it’s the overseas buyers, others suggest harsher lending criteria, many even say it’s the time of year. One thing is clear, selling timeframes have increased dramatically. From what was once 24 days, not looks like 86 days and in some cases even longer. So the question is, what is the best way to still get a great price in a softer market?

  1. Property staging and presentation

Your target is to create the desire to buy and the emotional bond between property and buyer. Keep the property clean, orderly, pleasant smelling, or odour free. This is on every buyer’s checklist as not all buyers are patient enough to try to look beyond a messy, dirty, or smelly house – unless it has unique and special qualities that appeal to them.

  1. To renovate or not?

Many people have opinions about whether or not to renovate before selling. Based on our experience, buyers prefer renovated properties. Most buyers are time-poor and may not necessarily have the skills needed to create a look and feel that they are after. Seeing it completed in front of them certainly allows a greater emotional connection to the home and allows buyers to get excited about the lifestyle they get with the home.

However, not all homes need to be renovated in order to sell. It can be subjective depending on the type of home or the type of buyer you are trying to secure.

  1. Promoting your property

The marketing of a home is the most important key in finding buyers in a pool of a limited market. From photography to social media and online presence, your home will need to expose to the broadcast market and it also needs to continue to be promoted to ensure your property is top of mind.

  1. Quoting it right

Whether it be an auction or private treaty, making sure you take advantage of the best time on the market is key. Your first two weeks are most important. Many make the mistake of raising the price in the first few weeks hoping to snag a great buyer and then paying for it over the next 3 months. In this market, having a clever marketing strategy will be more crucial than anything else.

These are just some of the strategies we use to ensure a great outcome. If you need any more advice or tips, contact me as I would be only too happy to assist.

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