Hiring A Friend

The shire is a small place and in many cases I hear about people wanting to sell with a friend who is in real estate. Understanding the reality to that decision could be detrimental to your marketing campaign. Before you hire a friend as your agent, here are some potential pitfalls to consider;

1. Your friend may not know the neighbourhood. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, you need an agent with intimate knowledge of the market in that specific geographic area. Of course with the use of internet, it means that the property can be promoted easily, but does the agent really know the market, the people, the sales and the demand.
2. Your friend may think they know what’s best for you. Because your friend knows you so well, they may jump to conclusion in doing things in the way they feel would suit or benefit you however the easiest way to service a client is to ask them along the way what suits them best. The agent might even start to be overprotective of you and your property which means when there is an emotional attachment to the outcome, then it can fogg up the clarity of the deal.

3. Your friend may put in less time. A friend helping you sell might find that because you already trust them, that they may not need to communicate with you as much as a agent with no prior relationship who is trying to ‘earn your trust and respect.’ You may also feel less comfortable to question your friend’s tactics or sales strategy.

4. Your friend may not give you a reality check. You may not like hearing that the list price you want on your home is too high or your offer on a property is too low, but it’s your agent’s responsibility to give you the honest truth and serve as an objective outsider. Having to advise a friend to do that could jeopardise a friendship.
5. Disagreements could sour the friendship. “When things go bad it really gets ugly, so the next get-together could get weird if you’re in the middle of a really tough transaction with friends or family members, and the lines start to blur between your personal life and your professional life.

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