Costs Involved When Selling

The costs involved in selling a house can vary however there is a general formula we follow to ensure that you have budgeted correctly for when the time comes to moving homes.

Some of the commonly known costs people consider when moving homes are mainstream items such as the selling fees, solicitor/conveyancer costs, stamp duty, marketing expenses and also the moving costs. However they forget to factor in all the other details around the sale and execution of the move including loan break and exit fees which can be up to several thousands of dollars.

The game changes again when you are selling an investment property because of capital gains tax. The good news is, that capital gains is not payable to those who are selling a property that is used as the primary place of residence. But don’t be so sure that you have it all worked out yet because statistics show that there are over 19 different items to factor in when it comes down to paying all the invoices at the end of a move.

If you haven’t had a proper buy/sell assessment done yet, then it’s probably going to be an important pivotal piece to your puzzle before you make any quick decisions. Let me know when you have a spare 10 minutes so we can complete a buy/sell assessment for you, so you’re not guessing your next move.

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