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Low stock alert

Why hasn’t Corona made the real estate prices drop?

Because although there are a few less buyers in the market, there are a lot less homes for sale meaning the
demand is still strong.

So far for 2020, we have averaged $79,000 over reserve price for our auctions. We are also at 100% auction
clearance rate and w ...

Corona Property Market

With so much talk about corona and uncertainty about whether you should move in this market, then consider the following.

Are properties selling?

Despite what the media are trying to sell you, yes absolutely they are selling and selling better than what you think. Of course the prices have been margin ...

Ripe for Picking

If you haven’t realised yet, the market it absolutely primed for selling right now!

Why you ask? If we look at patterns in the past, at any one time, there are usually between 800 – 1,000 properties for sale across the Sutherland Shire. That means there is a healthy number of sellers and buyers that create a buoyant market.

It wasn’t so long ago that newspaper marketing was the only source of advertising in real estate. Then various websites started popping up and marketing was diversified. Originally, all the web marketing campaigns were free however with today’s tech savvy generation, internet companies have started taking advantage and nowadays campaigns can vary from $2,000 - $3,000. But is the spend really worth it?

With the latest trends in Real Estate taking form such as video, social media, cookie re-marketing and virtual styling – we take a spotlight on how effective video is and what is the benefit of showcasing a video tour of a property, especially after already having professional photography taken.

Statistics show that properties with videos receive 403% more enquiries ...

How much is supply & demand worth?

We all know that when stock levels in the market are low, that it usually means that buyer demand becomes stronger as they fight for what’s left in the market. In fact, many buyers become desperate for stock and they start to compromise on what they want.

Often it may be that they start looking outside of the suburbs they ideally wanted, or they start to consider doin ...

Spring Time Controversy

What is the oldest real estate myth?

In the past, it was always common knowledge that you sold in spring. The gardens look good and the people are out. However, the one thing that always puts a dampener on a spring sale is all the other spring competition.

Which leads me to ask this next question – ...

Don’t Settle for Less

Over the last 5 years, the property market has gone through a boom and also more recently a bust. In the Sutherland Shire in specific – we saw approximately 45% increase in property prices on average across the board over a 4-year span. We also saw a decrease of approximately 20% during the 12 month bust in 2018.

Currently we are in a stable market. What does that mea ...

How to Sell Fast in a Slow Market

Some say it's the overseas buyers, others suggest harsher lending criteria, many even say it's the time of year. One thing is clear, selling timeframes have increased dramatically. From what was once 24 days, not looks like 86 days and in some cases even longer. So the question is, what is the best way to still get a great price in a softer market?

  1. Prop ...

What Is An Acceptable Commission Rate

Just like anything in life, as human beings we always want the very best quality for the absolute lowest price. Well choosing a real estate agent is no different – but what really is a fair price to pay? In the shire, most commission rates range from 1.8 - 2.4%. We all know that the best things in life are never the cheapest, however by the same token, they don’t necessarily need to be the most expensive either. Negotiating a ‘fair co ...