Agents Influence

As the market shifts and starts to level out, I have already noticed ‘fire’ sales everywhere. A great situation to be in as a buyer, but not so good for a seller.
This is actually our favourite market to be in, because as there becomes more desperation in the market to close a deal – the differences between how companies operate and how well they are able to close deals at better prices become openly apparent.

So what can an agent really do in a softening market to make much of a difference?

Allot of it starts from the initial strategy that is employed to sell the home. It stems further to how can an agent create urgency on a sale even though the marketplace is slowing down. It can also be about making sure that the ‘acid test’ is exhausted with purchasers before offers are submitted to owners. Too many times a buyer will change their mind because they have just seen another ‘better deal’ somewhere else and the owners are left without a sale.

At the end of the day, experience counts. Having been through 3 market crashes over the last 14 years – safety is in knowing what lies ahead.

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